This blog is written by Ethan Rankin, a high school student from Massachusetts. Topics range from urban planning to urban design to transportation issues- often with a special focus on Boston. The blog seeks to honor the fearlessness, audacity, and commitment of Jane Jacobs, a neighborhood activist from Greenwich Village, New York. Jacobs famously opened her book The Death and Life of Great American Cities with the line “this book is an attack on current city planning and rebuilding”, then proceeding to take the next 450 pages exposing the popular urban renewal philosophies of the 1960s decades before they would be accepted as disastrous to the livability and vitality of cities across America.

The author has helped develop Boston’s citywide transportation plan GoBoston2030 and been selected as a winner of the MIT Senseable City Lab-sponsored ODD Street Safety Challenge and as a finalist in the City of Boston’s Northern Avenue Bridge Design Competition. He was also chosen as first runner-up of the 2017 Masdar Engage Blogging Contest on a sustainable world in 2026 (the entry can be read on this blog or on Clean Technica). You can contact him at jesuisethan@gmail.com.



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